About Yoga Village

A New Yoga Studio with Adult Yoga Classes in Lafayette, and Children’s Yoga Programs throughout Lamorinda, CA.

Lafayette Yoga Studio

Our mission at Yoga Village, in partnership with Holistika, centers on nurturing a community deeply connected to wellness, self-discovery, and mutual understanding through the practice of Yoga. We envision a space where individuals come not only to enhance their physical abilities but also to enrich their minds and spirits, guided by experienced teachers dedicated to sharing profound knowledge and insights in every class.

Coming April 7th, 2024 TO LAMORINDA

Meet The Founder

Valorie Moore

Founder of Yoga Village

Valorie Moore is a local mom of 3 incredible kiddos she shares with her husband Jon, and a passionate Yoga Teacher. Valorie completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in NYC at PURE Yoga, where she had the privilege of studying with master teachers Kay Kay Clivio, Yogi Charu, Iyengar teacher Adam Vitolo and Yoga Therapist Dana Slamp. Since graduating the program in 2012, Valorie has completed numerous other trainings including a 100 hour mentorship with Dana Slamp of the Prema Yoga Therapy Institute, and a 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Matt Giordano, among others. Valorie’s training and class offerings include Hot Power Vinyasa, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Slow Flow, Yin, Restorative, Chromatic, Prenatal & Postnatal, and Yoga Therapy. Valorie has been teaching children’s Yoga since 2012 as well, with training from Karma Kids Yoga. As a former dancer, she first began teaching young children at her local dance studio at the age of 15, and has built a kinesthetic tool box filled to the brim with ways to engage, stimulate, and calm kids of all ages. All of Valorie’s experience and training have informed a new curriculum and methodology for teaching children that she is always excited to share with new, enthusiastic teachers and students.

Valorie’s love of Yoga for all ages has led to the creation of Yoga Village, a place where eventually all of her favorite things will be combined into one amazing experience. Having challenging and fulfilling Adult classes, simultaneously with fun and engaging Children’s classes in a separate space has always been a dream for this Yogi mom. Allowing parents to keep their kids close, but far enough away to focus on self care for an hour + has been a difficult find, but a definite necessity for families who wish to stay active and engaged within the community, and she looks forward to growing into this vision.

Our Teachers

David Larot

David Larot stepped on the mat for the first time in 2002 and began his life long yoga journey, “Learning how to be in my body was like coming home for the first time.”

Under the guidance of his first teacher he started leading classes in 2004 at local gyms and studios. After four years of searching for a complete teacher training program, in 2008, David enrolled in the 200-hour teacher-training intensive at Yoga Works SF. Inspired by his mentor, Nikki Estrada, he went on to complete his 500-hour training, and in 2010 decided to take the big leap from his full-time job of ten years with AT&T to put all his energy and focus into teaching and sharing the practice of yoga. Since then, David has been leading classes around the Bay Area as well as workshops and retreats around the globe. Having practiced and trained in various styles, including Iyengar and Ashtanga, David’s classes have evolved into a deep, methodical, and dynamic flow, focusing on the importance of breath and the principles of alignment.

Cyndi Lezcano
(ERYT - 500+)

Cyndi Lezcano is a dedicated yoga practitioner, teacher, and community advocate, deeply committed to fostering wellness and community connection. Cyndi’s roots are grounded in the principles of gratitude and service. Under the guidance of senior teachers & mentors at Yoga Works, Cyndi has received extensive comprehensive training (500+hrs) that forms the bedrock of her teaching philosophy.
Cyndi Specializes in Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Oncology Yoga. Cyndi has trained & Certified under the tutelage of esteemed instructors as Judith Lasater and Jillian Pransky, she has honed her skills in restorative practices that promote deep relaxation and healing. She has delved into the profound teachings of Bernie Clarke, Paul Grilley & Sarah Powers enhancing her expertise in Yin Yoga, which focuses on long-held, passive poses to target connective tissues. Guided by Tari Prinster, Cyndi has undergone specialized training to offer yoga practices tailored to the unique needs of individuals facing cancer, fostering resilience and inner strength.
Beyond the mat, she is deeply involved in community initiatives aimed at promoting well-being and inclusivity. Through workshops, outreach programs, and collaborative events, Cyndi strives to make the transformative benefits of yoga accessible to all, regardless of background or ability. Join Cyndi on Mondays at Yoga Village for Yin at 9:30 am, and Tuesdays for Flow & Restore at 8:15 am for a journey of self-discovery and mindful living, where each breath becomes a step towards greater harmony and inner peace.

Michelle White
(ERYT - 500)

Michelle has been an enthusiastic & devoted yogi since 2007. She has been teaching since 2019. An English native and former actor, Michelle brings energy and rigor to her practice. She strives to ensure you leave practice feeling renewed, positive, and energized with creative sequencing and a banging playlist. She puts emphasis on supporting each other and Sangha. 
Trainings completed: 200hr Teacher Training, 50hr mentorship, Yogaworks. 50hr Restorative. More recently a sequencing mentorship with Rachel Scott Yoga. Michelle has accumulated over 2500 teaching hours teaching Vinyasa Flow
, Hot Power Flow
, Slow Flow
, Restorative
, and Flow & Restore. You can find her teaching Flow & Restore at Yoga Village on Thursdays at 8:15am.

"Coach" Chris Walsh
(ERYT - 500)

An Inspiring Healer, Coach Chris Walsh is a 500 E-RYT trained by Master teachers Mynx Inatsugu and Melanie Salvatore-August. He has 700 Hours of Professional Teacher Training through YogaWorks, with over 6,000 hours of teaching Yoga. Coach holds a Teen Yoga Teacher Training Certificate, and in 2014 he created the Yoga program at Campolindo High School in Moraga, where he taught for a total of 29 years. The Yoga program began with one class of 45 students and under Coach’s guidance, grew to 5 classes of 45-50 students each. Coach draws on his educational background (University Of Oregon, M.S. in Anatomy & Physiology) to incorporate aspects of anatomical and biomechanical skills into his teaching of skilled alignment in Asana. You can find Coach at Yoga Village teaching Level 1 Vinyasa on Wednesdays at 8:15am, Viniyoga Thursdays at 4:30pm, and Absolute Beginner (Fundamentals) at 6:15pm.

Tiffany Nelson

Embark on a transformative journey with Tiffany Nelson, the creator of The Grounded Sound as your guide through the world of sound. Tiffany explores the profound effects of vibrations and frequencies, blending music theory with meditation, embodiment practices, and shadow work. Currently pursuing her 200-hour yoga teacher training and trauma-informed care, Tiffany is dedicated to deepening her understanding as an integration conduit. Outside of her practice, Tiffany finds joy in walks in nature, spending quality time and taking road trips with her daughter, diving into enriching reads, and working on various creative projects. With a background in dance and performance, she infuses her practice with rhythm and flow, drawing inspiration from the ancient concept of Yoga Nada. Join Tiffany on a path of self-discovery and harmony through the healing power of sound.

Kids Teachers

Allie McMurdo

Allie is a dedicated educator with over a decade of experience teaching both middle and elementary school students. Currently serving as an elementary P.E. teacher in the Berkeley Unified School District, Allie brings passion and enthusiasm to her role, particularly in her love for teaching kids yoga and mindfulness. Allie creates engaging and dynamic learning experiences for her students, helping them strengthen the mind-body connection and develop a love for movement.